Music Monday: Calvin Harris “Merrymaking at My Place”

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Review: Fuelbelt Revenge R3O

I picked up the Fuelbelt Revenge R3O at VO2 Multisport this past week.  A couple of weekends ago, Lipstick Runner and I went to the Knobstone Trail to get in a 6 mile run.  It was hot that day, and our original plan was to run early in the morning.  We didn’t get to the trail until the afternoon.  Bad idea.  With only a little over a mile into the trail, I wasn’t feeling it.  Actually, I was TOTALY feeling it!!!  The heat.  We went just passed mile 2 and turned around (due to a downed tree), but I was barely running anyway.  I knew we needed a way to hydrate in order to keep those instances at a minimum.

So, like I said, I went to VO2.  My original idea was to get a handheld of some sort – kinda like this.  After speaking with Jeff (the owner), and what I planned on using it for, he suggested the R3O.  His thinking was, if I took a tumble on the trail holding a bottle of water, there goes all of my water.  Good point.

So we headed to Knobstone Trail early this time.  Filled up the three bottles with water once we got there (wanted them to be cold when we started), and I attached the belt to my waist. Continue reading

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Last Week’s Workouts

Sunday:  Softball (won 9-4)

Monday: Ran 4 Miles (8:30 Pace)

Tuesday: Tri-Strength at The Training Studio

Wednesday: Open Water Swim (1200m)

Thursday: Ran 6 Miles (8:45 Pace)

Friday: Spin Class in the morning, TRX Fundamentals at The Training Studio after work

Saturday: 6 Mile Trail Run at Knobstone Trail

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Music Monday: Kanye “Champion”

Motivating song here!

Download Kanye West’s “Champion” on


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Review: Beachbody’s 2-Day Fast

I had some people ask me about this product, and even had a friend try it.  I had never done a fast before, so I decided to be a “product of the product” and give it a whirl.  I thought that this would allow me to give honest feedback should anyone else ask me about the product.

The cost of the fast is $19.95, so the price really isn’t a barrier.  It comes in two flavors, Chocolate & Vanilla.  The health benefits they claim are:

  • A greater sense of being slim and in control of your body*
  • Total body cleansing*
  • A dramatic reduction of unhealthy cravings*
  • An invigorating, natural boost of energy*
  • An increase in weight loss from your fitness routine*

With my workout schedule, I had to find a time to choose to do this 2-days when I could cut down my activity.  I ended up choosing Friday and Saturday.  I was worried about the Friday, since I’d be at work, and not know the effects that would take hold while I was there. Continue reading

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Race Recap: Indy Sprint Series – Race 1

This race was a last minute decision.  Michelle and I were at the June Landsharks social and she had brought up the race.  We both did this exact race last year (my first triathlon ever).  Well, we talked each other into it, and it was a little over a week away.

I woke up race morning in the hotel that Lipstick Runner had gotten for us.  I went to the bathroom to “take care of things” and I get a message from Michelle telling me it’s storming!  This was exactly like last year, except that it stormed early morning last year, and this year, it’s storming while getting ready.  I opened the door to a horrible downpour.

Continue reading

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Race Report: Run for Freedom 5K

I have been wanting to see if I’m getting faster.  Now I know I have improved on my 10k, 10 mile, and half-marathon times this year, but I wouldn’t consider being fast in those.  I wanted to test my body to see how well I do in a shorter race being uncomfortable the whole time.  The Run for Freedom 5K is where this was going to take place…

This race was only a week after doing Rev3, so I made sure not to overdue any training that week.  Actually, I think I ran once, and nothing else leading up to the 5K.  I was on vacation the whole week too, so I got a lot of Call of Duty in with Bill…

So morning of, I had my mom drop me off (since no one wanted to stay and cheer me on), and I walked to the starting line at Matter Park.  My plan was to run home after the race to get in a little more mileage.  I was there a little early, cause I needed to register.  Got my packet, and then realized, I didn’t have anywhere to put this newly acquired stuff while I raced, and while running home.  I saw they had a booth to hold these things during the race, and I would just improvise for the run home.

I saw a couple of friends from the area and talked with them before the race so I wouldn’t feel stupid standing there alone.  I started my warmup to get ready, then tucked into line with another friend I hadnt’ seen in years.

The Race started fast, but I knew I’d have to run hard the whole way to meet my goal (between 23-24 minutes).   Continue reading

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